Also here’s our tiny room hehe πŸ˜… sleeping here for four more nights 😊

Went on shinkansen yesterday :) was pretty cool. In Kyoto now :3

Japan is amazing 😁

Sydney airport πŸ˜‡ Japan flight at 9:30 yesss 🎌🎌🎌

Got a haircut πŸ˜€ its really short now so its different haha. Japan in six days 🎌🎌

Kill la Kill || Mako Mankanshoku β†’ Episode 23

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πŸ“°βœ Anatomy Study :)

My room looks so bare 🌡 can’t wait to move houses :3

Such a great day I love it β˜€ Japan in three weeks too πŸ™πŸšπŸ˜€

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this bird knows pure bliss that I could only dream of knowing


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Never apologize for loving yourself. Self-love is power


I heard rumors that AC5 is set in Victorian London, I’m so excited, aahhhh …


I hate bad jokes unless I make themΒ